/hɔs / (say haws)

1. a large, solid-hoofed quadruped, Equus caballus, domesticated since prehistoric times, and employed as a beast of draught and burden and for carrying a rider.
2. a male horse, fully-grown and past its fourth birthday.
3. any animal of the family Equidae, which includes the ass, zebra, etc.
4. (as collective plural horse) soldiers serving on horseback; cavalry: a thousand horse.
5. something on which a person rides, sits, or exercises as if on a horse's back: rocking horse.
6. a leather-covered block, adjustable in height, used for vaulting and other gymnastic exercises.
7. a frame, block, etc., with legs on which something is mounted or supported.
8. Nautical a metal rod or the like fitted to the deck of a sailing ship, to which is attached a traveller which retains the main sheet while allowing it to run from side to side.
9. Mining a mass of rock enclosed within a lode or vein.
10. Colloquial heroin.
verb (horsed, horsing)
verb (t)
11. to provide with a horse or horses.
12. to set on horseback.
13. to set or carry on a person's back or one's own back.
14. Obsolete
a. to place (someone) on a person's back or on a wooden horse or the like to be flogged.
b. to flog.
verb (i)
15. to mount or go on a horse.
16. of or relating to a horse or horses.
17. mounted on horses.
18. unusually large for one of its kind.
19. after the horse has bolted, when it is too late. {Phrase Origin: from the proverb `It's too late to close (or lock) the stable door after the horse has bolted'}
20. a horse of another (or a different) colour, a different thing altogether.
21. back the wrong horse, to support the wrong or losing contender.
22. eat like a horse, to have a prodigious appetite.
23. from the horse's mouth, from an authoritative source. {Phrase Origin: from the fact that a horse's age can be ascertained by inspecting its teeth, hence providing a more reliable assessment than that given by person with a particular vested interest}
24. high horse See high horse.
25. hold one's horses, Colloquial to restrain one's impulses; hold back.
26. horse about (or around), Colloquial to act or play roughly or boisterously.
27. horses for courses, Colloquial
a. (an expression referring to the theory that a horse which races well on one track or type of track should not be run on a different track to which it is not suited.)
b. (an expression referring to the notion that someone should be matched with a position, task, etc., suited to their particular talents.)
28. jump one's horse over the bar, Colloquial to sell one's horse for liquor.
29. look a gift-horse in the mouth See gift-horse.
30. sell a horse, to participate, especially as the organiser or nominated seller, in a game of chance in which the buyers attempt to guess the number selected by the seller.
31. white horse, the foamy crest of a wave.
32. willing horse, a willing worker.
{Middle English and Old English hors, related to Middle Dutch ors, Old High German hros steed}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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